Technology Incubator and project launching Platform

Converting academic knowledge to game changing companies.

What is Acceleratum

European Seed accelerator operated by Riga High Tech University Foundation ;
Acceleration and mentorship program to create global tech startups from universities born projects and teams;
Educational programs in partnering academic universities and team building events;
Place for companies funded by Acceleratum Venture Capital Fund;
Office space for portfolio companies in Riga, Latvia and Silicon Valley, California;
Research & teaching center and hardware labs for portfolio teams;
Technology & Entrepreneurship coworking and event place;
Launching platform for Europe born companies to Silicon Valley

Smart Money

Financing is the largest problem to launch technology projects. It is hard to get angel or VC money and valuations are really low.
Usually projects DO NOT NEED only money to be launched. There is a need for products and services, which cost money.
Acceleratum provides mix of cash and services, labs, mentoring.

Business Development

Internet and software projects usually born by programmer teams which lack knowledge how to market, launch and sell their staff.
Acceleratum appoints Business Development experts and mentors for every accelerator company.

Working Space

Internet technology projects and software development team might start remotely. But at the end every project require close teamwork and eye-to-eye development meetings and co-working.
Every Accelerator company get 20m2 furnitured private working space

Expertise domains and Labs

Inside Acceleratum exists different virtual knowledge domains joining leading experts from community companies. The joined team of particular domain come together to help community newcomers and existing members to solve particular problems, brainstorm best solutions, as well as to outsource services, in order to earn additional cash. Examples of expertise domains are:

  • UI|UX design;
  • Drones;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Biotechnologies;
  • 3D Printing;
  • Robotics;
  • Machine learning and computer vision;
  • Mobile applications;


Technology and entrepreneurship clases in partnership with Riga High Tech University

Academia acceleration

Acceleratum provides educational resources for academic universities' students.
In partnership with Riga High Tech University:
“Acceleratum 50″ [hours]
Short term team building and acceleration event.
“Acceleratum 120″ [days]
Long term entrepreneurship, team building and acceleration programm.