Problems and solutions

There are plenty of obstacles for every startup on bumpy road to glory and prosperity.
Check out Acceleratum solutions.

Issue Problem Solution
Next funding round Startup is like a rocket: it falls down if next step rocked fuel not received in time. Half of the working time seed stage founders should search for next step investors. Our investment managers in timely fashion introduce seed round teams to partner VC teams in Europe and Silicon Valley for series A or B funding.
Taxes Founders of tech startups usually barely knows what taxes are, how to pay them right, not overpay and what to do with state revenue tax audits. We are offer centralized accounting, bookkeeping and tax consulting services for every LABACA accelerator company. We are appoint experienced internal team to deal with best taxation and reporting practices.
Intellectual property Startups need to invent things and feel safe. We will do all the magic behind. We will provide industry experienced IP lawyer for Europe and North America market
Legal issues Theses are last things tech startups think about. Very often startups fail to effectively write agreements with employees, investment agreements, TOS's and Privacy disclaimers. We will take care of it.
Financial Operations Lack of experienced CFO is always a headaches for startups. Cash flow forecast and control is out of the scope of everyday. We provide experienced part-time CFO, which usually startups can't afford
Working space Working space management take considerable time. Bills should be paid on time. Janitorial services should be done. Startup do not need to think about this. We establish centralized system for space management and take care of it during all company lifecycle
Promoting Writing press releases, inventing PR strategy and get contacts from industry is painful and long process for tech startups We will take care of it, by appointing PR experts and community network.
Transportation Usually every startup needs a car. To drive from home or to customers. Ownership and purchase is usually not effective investment We provide centralized leased cars for portfolio companies in Riga, Latvia.
Sales Tech startups are good inventors and creators, but usually bad sellers. We appoint VP of Sales and Marketing in necessary. For both - European and North America's market
Technology Mobile app developers know how fast changing mobile devices. New iPhone getting old in 6 month. There should be spent considerable amount of money to have set of different hardware devices to test We create and support set of latest devices in market for testing.
Servers and network security Security for web startups is one of the last priorities. But sometimes this hit hard. We provide fully hosted data center, routers, VPN's and firewalls.

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