Acceleratum Venture Capital

Your smart money source to launch tech projects globally

Silicon Valley brought to Europe

What is Acceleratum Venture Capital:

Venture capital fund for Early Stage Technology Startups, based in Riga, Latvia, Europe;
Venture capital fund managed by Universities Ventures firm;
Combined team of experienced venture capitalists and industry professionals;
Network of industry contacts in Silicon Valley for development, strategic partnership and exits;
Bridge between Silicon Valley and Northern Europe;
Funding source for Acceleratum companies;
Funding vehicle for universities born startups.

We Believe:

  • Technologies, entrepreneurial spirit and disruptive services are progress drivers;
  • Companies in Europe have the same opportunity to become next Facebooks and Twitter as those based in Silicon Valley;
  • Universities campuses are right place for team building;
  • Close collaboration between teams and resource sharing are most effective way to succeed;
  • Products and services born in Europe can be competitive and disruptive worldwide.

We Seek:

  • Strong, ambitious teams;
  • Disruptive products and services for global markets;
  • Talented and educated core team members;
  • Positive attitude to work and interest to participate in the Acceleratum Community;
  • Obsession about your product balanced with experience in industry.

We Expect:

For Acceleratum funded companies:

  • Targeted Revenue By Year 5: EUR 500,000 - EUR 2,000,000
  • Targeted Returns: 5x Investment - 10x Investment
  • Targeted Years to Exit: 3 - 8 Years
  • Targeted Years to Break Even: 1 Year - 3 Years

The Focus

Acceleratum Venture Capital fund invests in these tech verticals:
High Technologies

  • Drones;
  • Automotive;
  • 3D Printing;
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision;
  • Robotics;
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Healthcare;
  • Medical;
  • Materials.
    Clean Tech
  • Water;
  • Wind;
  • Transportation;
  • Energy.
  • UI/UX for web and mobile;
  • Industrial product design.

Be ready

If you will be approved for Acceleratum programm or receive venture capital from Acceleratum Venture Capital fund, be ready:

  • To give 5-40% of your company equity;
  • To permanently move into working space in Acceleratum in Riga, Latvia. We love to see our team members every day, so we could help you better;
  • To move or establish legal company in Latvia;
  • To move your international team with core members to Riga, Latvia. We help you with accommodation;
  • To utilize centralized Acceleratum bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, legal, transportation and hosting services.


We investing in following stages:
0 stage
Training and team-building.(Offered by Acceleratum )“Acceleratum 50” or ”Acceleratum 120” tech startup educational programs in universities. Graduation – teams ready to qualify for acceleration program.
1 [pre-acceleration] stage [2 batches per year]
3 month Acceleration Program. (Offered by Acceleratum ) Investment 30 kEUR (8% equity). Graduation – “Demo Day Riga”.
2 [acceleration] stage
9 month Acceleration Program.(Offered by Acceleratum ) Investment up to 70 kEUR (convertible loan) Graduation - “Demo Day Silicon Valley”.
3 [seed] stage
Investment up to 250 kEUR.
4 [startup] stage
Investment up to 500 kEUR alongside other investors.
For qualified companies Acceleratum offer:
  • Smart Money, support, help, mentoring and gateway to global expansion;
  • Furnitured private working space starting from 20m2 furnitured private working space in heart of the technology of Nordic country Riga, Latvia